NATco’s Apparel Branding Solutions™ supply some of the largest brands in the world with all the products that distinguish them from the rest. From the label to the bar code; from the box to the custom piping.

NATco’s global reach in terms of production and customer service ensure consistency throughout its plants. Specific emphasis on QC procedures and testing make NATco a perfect match for multinational garment manufacturers and retailers.

NATco takes branding one step further by providing design services through CORE/NATco Creative Services. NATco brings over 50 years of expertise in branding, design and manufacturing. The advantage to the client is that packages are created in the most efficient ways possible.

Woven Labels

Woven Labels are one of the most widely used identification product in apparel, combining an excellent source of luxury and durability. They are a lifetime guarantee of the item’s brand identity.
A woven label has a wide array of options, ranging from textile construction, edges, and finishing.

Printed Labels

Printed Labels are a solid option for brand identification. With an extensive variety of substrates to print on, this category is gaining more and more relevance in the industry. It can be used as a trademark or as a simple one color care label. It’s ideal to accommodate legally required complex global compliance labels.