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NATco is a global manufacturer of labels, trims and hardware who has been supplying the apparel industry for over 50 years. Corporate Headquarters located in Los Angeles, California, NATco owns and operates plants in countries throughout the world.

NATco’sWorldwide Presence

All factories owned and operated by NATco.


• Operating recycling programs to recover waste materials that can be reprocessed into new products.

• Implementing energy savings and water reduction programs that contribute to climate and environmental protection.

• Adopting responsible sourcing policies and only partnering with suppliers that meet compliance standards.

• Using environmentally safe materials and implementing ecological manufacturing processes.

Hands-On Support


We provide hands-on support for all for your brand packaging product range and offer an online order platform to streamline your projects. We have an annual production capacity of over 10 billion units.

Speed to Market

This is one of our key business models, a practice we execute through alert customer service, local production, and NATco owned factories where we can ensure complete control over production lines, start to finish.

Customer Support

All inquiries will be answered in less than 24 hours as we take a team approach to customer care with support staff assigned to each corporate client as well as at factory level, globally, ensuring that no communication delays lead to delivery delays.


NATco is the only true global trim supplier in our industry with a one-stop-shop production platform in Southern California. Take advantage of quick order turn around times, shorter transit times, superior quality, and helping to support our local economy. We are proud to produce American made tags and labels, in America, for American apparel manufacturers.

Solutions & Products

Apparel Branding

Product Packaging

RFID, Brand Protection & Security


NATco may operate in many countries across the world, but it has one strict quality control and testing protocol that all factories must abide by.

In order to validate compliance requirements, we maintain in-house materials testing capabilities and also partner with outsource agencies such as: SGS, INTERTEK, among others. All of our manufacturing locations go through annual, stringent audits to meet requirements for multiple brands. 

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