Brand Protection

& Security

NATco’s suite of Brand Protection products includes a wide variety of technologies and platforms that integrate the full scope of our production lines. Both overt and covert features are available to discourage, as well as identify sources of counterfeit products. Encrypted Laser Serialization, Authenticity & Security Yarns, cutting-edge holographic technology, special ink pigments, as well as Advanced NFC (Near Field Technology) applications are available as stand-alone solutions, or incorporated into woven and printed labels, tags, stickers, patches, or any other conventional packaging.



NATco is one of the world’s top suppliers of integrated EAS solutions in the North American (US, Canada, Mexico) retail market. Our solutions include AM- and RF-enabled hang tags and labels (printed or woven), as well as advanced technologies that include reusable EAS + RFID tags.

Global Compliance Care / COO Labels

In order to be able to move inventory all over the world, international retailers have to comply with international legal requirements. NATco can design and produce Global Compliance Labels in multiple locations simultaneously.

These labels can also be designed with security features to prevent counterfeiting or to simply be able to track down the product from the factory to the store shelves.