Trays / PDQs / Display Pallets / POP Displays

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Mass retailers need to display and move their products at the store in a timely manner. Trays can be used as a means of transporting products from inventory to shelves while still being designed to advertise the product they hold.


The trays can have divisions to separate the products being displayed and could be designed and produced in many different lengths and heights. The outside and the inside of these trays can be printed to showcase the containing brand and product.



PDQ stands for “Pretty Darn Quick”. This structure is conceived to display the products as a “Floorstand” or “Stand Alone” and it could be also placed on a pallet. It is devised to support heavy weight and for long standing. Divisions and shelves can be built to better store the products.


Display Pallets

These are a great displaying tool at retail stores. Engineered as stackable self-supporting trays, it can be displayed also just a single unit.  Constructed with one frame with built-in shelves and divisions, it could be shaped at will. The most usual material is corrugated board and it can printed in order to maximize its visual power.


P.O.P. Displays (Point of Purchase)

These displays are created to stand in a limited amount of space and to have a strong visual impact on the shopper as they walk through.

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